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In your culture,do women take on their spouse`s family name when they get married?



No. In my culture the name and the last name is given for their parents. When they get married their name doesn't change. I'm from Colombia.

In my country not. the name's family is father's lastname + mother's lastname, for example, if the husband's lastname is Rojas (common lastname in Chile) and the wife's lastname is Pérez, the family name is "Rojas Pérez family" (familia Rojas Pérez) and the children's lastname are "Rojas Perez".

Yes especially in a formal speach, but in my religion (islam) this is forbiden, everyone either man or woman have to be called by the name of their families.


Alberto, then what happens when that child gets married? For example, if a woman's last name is not Rojas Perez, but A B (I don't want to make mistakes in surnames), and the man's last name is C D, the family name should be A B C D... Then a child with A B C D family gets married... I don't understand how it works, can you explain that please?

In old traditional chinese society , females were asked or forced to add the last name from husband generally . Their children's last names were designated from husbands' family name  . However, the current trend is shifting gradually in my country . I are awared more and more married women asked their children were named from women's family rather than husband's family . As far as I know , in modern society , women are not regarded as a part of property any more , therfore , less and less  women will be asked to be taken on husbands' family names . I have not seen any of my female  relatives with husband's family name  for a long time .


As for what Irina talked about regarding too close breeds to get married  , here we have a large number of people share the same family name , for instance CHEN 陳 . More than 10% of the whole population share the same family name . Following that , they have to check out their clan pedigree to confirm if they are too close in breeds if they want to get married. There are many cases with the same family name who get married and has borne healthy babies.

Irina, If the woman's lastname is C D and the man's lastname is E F, this family is E C and their lastname's kids are E C (E by the father and C by the mother), you take the first lastname.


Alberto, thank you, now I see.

If I will get married my surname will be replace with my husband surname. My original surname will just become my middle name and it will be the middle name of my children but if my children ( specially for daughters ) will get married they will lose my original surname  as their middle name because their surname which is my husband surname will become their middle name. 


If your a man and you dont have a son only daughters  no one will take your surname. Your surname will be cut.

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