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Arabic tutor.

I am in need of an Arabic tutor. I've taken Arabic 1 in the university and I want to keep practicing and become fluent, the only problem is I need a consistent tutor. If any of you can find enough kindness in your heart to help me I would be most greatful. 

Please, if it's not too much to ask, I would need someone with a somewhat open schedule. 

Thank you in advance (^_^)/



Hi Lizzy, have you tried contacting the Arabic tutors here?


Click on the language partners tab and do a search for someone who speaks Arabic and who is learning Spanish/English. Follow them and send them a message to see if they'd like to do a 50/50 language exchange over Skype. I've made some really good contacts this way, and it really helps a lot!

If you just want to practice Arabic without helping the other person, then you could also pay for a tutor using the link Ross posted. I have a tutor because I wanted a full hour in Spanish, without any switching. Many of the tutors here are very, very inexpensive. With a tutor, you can book any open slot in their schedule. 

It will probably be hard to find someone to tutor you for free (without doing a language exchange), especially if you can't commit to a specific regular schedule.

how are you ????

I'm arabic from sudai arabia I do not mind to teach you the Arabic language without charge but You must teach me English.


If you want give me your skype to start



I can help you for free. I use Skype. If you want to practice with me, just contact me!

Hi,i'm chinese, can you be my friend? and, do you have skype? my skype:sheyingren2010

hey if u need a native speaker arabic iam here


and i teach u a diffrent arabic dialects


my skype



hello yes you can

Hi , I can help you 

Hello , I'm an arabic tutor Native Arabic speaker I think I can help you

Skype Id : drmuslima84

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