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How to make test page on the internet?


I'm not sure if anybody can help me here, but I don't know where else to ask. Maybe other teachers can advise me something.

As I teach, I need to create pages with exercises. I'm trying to get to know how to do that. Usually I use hotpotatoes - it's pretty useful, I can create different types of exercises (quizes, crosswords, tests, matches, flashcards) there, but I want to find a better soft. I'd like to find a free programme that can make either of these 2 functions:
1) Create a page on the internet with the exercise (as hotpotatoes deletes the page after a couple of days) or let me post it in my blog.
2) Mix questions of different tests or mix different tests together. For example, mix theme 1, theme 2, theme 3 tests or theme 1, theme 3 and theme 4 for different students' needs. Of course this is just an example.
If you know a place where I can find the answer, or you know a programme that's close to my needs, please help me. Thanks for any advice.


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