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what's your opinion about long-distance relationship?



it's beautiful but also unstable~

It's so tired!

I think people more appreciate each other in long distance than being close to each other,,,

I think that a long-distance relationship doesn't work. Ultimately, I suspect that any relationship which is long-distance will either change into a short-distance relationship, or it will fail.


For a romantic relationship between two human peoples, they need to not only communicate, but they also need physical closeness. Long-distance can work as a temporary situation, if one person is far awar for a few months, but I don't think that an entire relationship can continue is it is long-distance.

I think it's difficult but it's feasible. The distance is sometimes necessary.

My point of view that there is no "relationship" on the distnace for a long time. When a couple is separated for any reason (studying, workign or just even an internet-affair) it is hardly possible to have many things in common. I mean you loose the simple momemts of live like going to cafes, cinemas, walking, chatting and sharing important things. Moreover, not to mentinon the importance of physical touches which lead you to a real closeness. As a result, when you see each other next time (for instance, in a half of year or even once a year) you feel like a stranger to that person. 

However, some short-time distance could help you to check out the feelings to your partner and to appreciate him/her more :)

Dont want to sugar quote it because eventually doesn't work out in long run...!!

I think the long-distance relationships don't work at all. I've passed two different relationship with the same problem of the distance cause of the exchange program of my university, and in both situation me and my ex girlfriend broke up. I think it's very very difficult live if you don't see your grlfriend at least once a week, however if you disagree with my opinion I'm happy for this :D. Bye everyone!

Totally agree with Joseph.Lemien!!!!!!

When you have a long-distance relationship, you will want nothing but to shorten or eliminate the distance. DEFINITELY!!

it's too painful, I'm not sure I could stand it. 

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