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what's your opinion about long-distance relationship?



it's beautiful but also unstable~

It's so tired!

I think people more appreciate each other in long distance than being close to each other,,,

I think that a long-distance relationship doesn't work. Ultimately, I suspect that any relationship which is long-distance will either change into a short-distance relationship, or it will fail.


For a romantic relationship between two human peoples, they need to not only communicate, but they also need physical closeness. Long-distance can work as a temporary situation, if one person is far awar for a few months, but I don't think that an entire relationship can continue is it is long-distance.

I think it's difficult but it's feasible. The distance is sometimes necessary.

Dont want to sugar quote it because eventually doesn't work out in long run...!!

I think the long-distance relationships don't work at all. I've passed two different relationship with the same problem of the distance cause of the exchange program of my university, and in both situation me and my ex girlfriend broke up. I think it's very very difficult live if you don't see your grlfriend at least once a week, however if you disagree with my opinion I'm happy for this :D. Bye everyone!

Totally agree with Joseph.Lemien!!!!!!

When you have a long-distance relationship, you will want nothing but to shorten or eliminate the distance. DEFINITELY!!

it's too painful, I'm not sure I could stand it. 

Thanks to dating websites, it's been years since I've dated locally.


If you're looking for a long-term relationship it can work because you understand the bigger goal. But I say it doesn't work for all people and even all relationships. Also sometimes travel cost are just too much to even be worthwhile.


I consider myself pretty progressive about long distance relationships, but I've dated several people where I know if we were local it would have lasted "longer." But then that leads me to conclude it was never met to be in the beginning.


The pros of long distance relationships are it forces you to truthfully answer if you're compatible with the person and if you really want to be with them. Because even though you might avoid those questions in a local relationship you would never in a long distance relationship; it just takes too much time, money, and energy if you're only wasting your time.


The cons are that you have to figure out how to close the distance eventually. Who is going to move and will they have the same opportunity in the new locality.


But it CAN work. I'm currently in a successful long distance/long-term relationship with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. And if I have to wait a year or two to do that, I'm okay with that.


Thanks to skype and the magicjack [for landline calls], communications is virtually free.


We're working towards a bigger goal and we'll make it work. But like I said, it's not for everyone.



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