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What do you think about fixed marriage?

Do you think fixed marriage will work out? Are you going to have a happy marriage through that? If your parents wants you to have a fixed marriage will you agree with them?



Family is the main cell of society, Human Resource and Moral issues

When the basis of a family threaten it's not only about a particular family that get in trouble that's a trouble for all of a country .

Fix marriage is the solution to growing childs better, healthier and caring about moral matters.

Then that's the law of nature and changing it hurts both the society and also the human beings in long term.


I think I want to marry you and that is fixed. No doubt and no one can stop me on believing it. 


I am not a prince or royal family so fixed marriage it not applicable to me. "I'm only a man in a silly red sheet Digging for kryptonite on this one way street" 


The  old has gone and the new has come. Fixed marriage is not common nowadays but it depends on your culture though. 



Ayad - Fixed marraige means arrange marriaged. Like you parents will find a girl for you to marry. Your parents and the parents of the girl made an agreement that both of you will be married so whether you love each other or not you will marry each other.



Juan Jose - achecheche ui.. okay marry me

Hello, I don´t like the idea of fixed marriage because It is better if you marry with a person whom you love. I know it is, or it was I really don´t know if this Issue is common in some cultures even in this century. I think that you don´t belong  to your parents so I think that they don´t have the right to decide who you marry with. There are issues more important than money, social status, "good heritage" (I don´t like that concept), business, etc. I have seen in movies that some parents who fix their children's marriage are selfish they think that they are choosing better than his son/daughter will do it (they are not God even parents make mistakes). They said that it is good for them to marry with a certain person due to many reasons, but they don´t care if their children love that person. Fortunately in my country this is no common and you are free to marry with whoever you want. Your parents don´t tell you that you have to marry with a certain person or you could lose your inheritance.   

Diego - Yeah you are right maybe they are saying that it is for their children benefits but I guess it is really not. It is just for their own good.


Kshatriya - It's not common here in Phil because if it happens  many will run away with their lovers. hehe but some half chinese and half Filipinos are doing that.

I absolutely disagree with a fixed marriage.Frankly, if you fell in love with someone the marriage must be free

I disagree, anyone have to choose the person with whom he want to married

Ayad - Yeah it's okay if they will suggest someone you can marry but not to push you to marry that someone. In the end it should be your choice for it is you who will be marrying the girl not them.



CJ - Yes its a sad thing specially if u love someone. There are people whose marriage are arrange marriage well they did not end up in divorce but I guess they are not much happier like those who are inlove. They just feel normal. 

I don't like the idea of fix married,

I have experience about like this, in my country many girls marry in young age.

according to my cultures,17-25 years old is good age to marry . Someday my mom call me when i'm work at office and ask me for fixed marriage I'm little upset with her, but I think she just worry about me and my future.

Well sometimes our parents except us to do the thing we don't like,but desicion remains in our hands, I think we know what things can makes our life happy and our parents will be happy too when looks we are happy. :)

I don't like the fixed marriage, Love must be real and not prepared by others.

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