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Algeria or Cezayir So Beautiful Country

                     We love all  Algerian(Ceyazir's) people.Because they are muslims and the Algeria or we said CEZAYİR was belong an old ground of Ottoman empire .About 400 years (Osmanlı Devleti).
So as a Turkishe man I love all Algerian people's.Because they are our brothers.(Our Ihvan-ul Muslimin)
Best regards all the Algerian people.



thank you for saying that , and we have a lot of families here in algeria there origine are from turky like my family
ben hic bilmiyorum

actually i think that algeria passed through many eras(roman era 42ق.ب) (alfatmi era)(ottman era1518م) and iam not sure fromالعصر البيزنطي

We have a place Called 'MEDEA' where lot of people have Turkish roots . you can notice this by just looking to their faces , they look like Turkish people and the name EL TURKI is widespread there .

Algeria and Türkiye have a strong nowadays which is just and extension of the past .

V.persie  --- look at this photo , it's in my province it's an ancient drawing ( or graffiti ) . it turns to 6.000 years B.C

waw it is so beautiful


Thank you ,............. allah bless you
I'm fullllllllyyy agreee with you Goodman70 

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