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what do you think about Secularism?



I think you know very well what i think about it :P :D

yes i know secularism and i can estimate your thoughts. but i want  know yours. just discussion :D i gusses  secularism is negative for you :D

Secularism leads to advanced thinking.  Because there is no prescribed teaching, secularists have to use their critical thinking skills to deal with the world around them (whether it's deciding on a cell phone plan or stating an opinion on abortion).  Secular thinkers think "outside the box" in the true sense of the phrase.  

Secularism should be the standard in modern, advanced societies


If not, one leaves the door wide open to arbitrariness, tribalistic superstition, arrogance, the "I-am-holier-than-thou" attitude by gloomy figures ready to scowl over anything that deviates from their arbitrary rules.


People should travel more, read more, and grow out of the residues of an ancient past of ignorance and superstition that triggers conflict and fights.




An evidence?

I think yes let's do it! Our church was created by a man who wanted a divorce didn't get one so created the Church of England. They continue to this day to get special priority.


Surely the only way you can be against it is if you think people should be forced to obey one specific religion which is pretty horrible and why would you want people forced to do something they don't believe in. Makes a farce of the religion surely? 

Religion and government should be separated though religion can be a guide for people. I will not explain  much further just to simplify my thoughts I will just say "Everyone should have the freedom to believe what they want to believe."

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