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Teaching my dog tagalog

I want to teach my do a few words in tagalog, so how do I say:


- Sit down

- Stay (as in don't move)

- Be Quiet

- Eat now


Any help will be much appreciated!




Sit down - Upo


Stay - manatili


Be quite - tahimik


Eat now - Kain na




We don't talk to our dog in tagalog. We talk to them in english specially when we are using the words that you listed. We only talk to our dog in tagalog when we are having conversation with them.

Get yourself a husband with a strong command voice and a very big love in heart to you ;) Love is strongly necessary condition to avoid wrong use of his deep bass voice. 


Okay, if to put jokes aside. Here you are:


First, you should turn music on. Very good song there is for this, Bahamen - Who let the dogs out, who, who, who who who.


Place a dog infront of you, turn the music on, look it into eyes and start barking commands depend on what do you want it to do:


Sit down! in dog's language is Whoooof! And If dog is royal, Whoooof, please!


Stay! in dog's is Whof! oooor, if the dog originates from The United States, you should say Police!!!! Freeze! Dooon't even think about moving your ass or I'll shoot you and no jokes!  


Be quiet in dog's is, well, actually dogs don't know what is it to be quiet, so better attract dog's attention saying Stay! or just whistle because dogs like to listen to the dog's rock and roll music. Nobody knows this actually. It is a secret of Dr. Dolittle. ;)


Eat now! Hmmmm... Actually it would be a torture to force a dog to eat. And, you'll immediately fall under the Law of World Wildlife Fund, Article 10, which tells us about mocking the animals using food whether they are pets or wild animals no matter they're starving or full.



thanks for this!


thanks will not be enough :D

Yeah, don't use words. Use your mind. Send to your dog mental commands using telepathy. Matt knows those things, I see. But, Gemstar, remember to beware of a silent dog and still water. :D Or what Matt meant? Don't use words, use swords? :D Or it is a suggestion to... hm, don't use words, use Matt :D I am single, thinks Matt, why not, I know how to handle with dogs, I am pretty, I am smart, I am good, I am Matt. Good Matt. Nice boy! Hahaha! ;)

@matt, that's true, my dog can read had gestures to sit and be quiet and eat.

I believe that dogs can understand the words that we are saying it's just that they are soooo hard headed.. Arrgghh it reminds me of my dogs. He really don't follow orders. The only orders that he follow is EAT and Play now! Damn it.. but still I love them.

I believe pets, at least dogs and cats, are very sensitive. Especially to our emotions. For example, try to say with a smile and positive feelings to your pet "You, eghhh... get out of here!" And he/she will answer you with a smile and happines. I don't know, whether they feel us or just because they really read our intentions, in that case an intetion to deceit have place to be, and try to say "I love you" with anger all over your face and doing threatening gestures, and see the result. 


When I had a dog, pekingese he was, Teeshka, I forced him to eat pretending to get my hands on his food (I believe now, that he always knew that I was just playing with him, pulling his leg, pretending and my actions were false), and even if he don't wanted to eat, he'd been very angry, or just pretended to be? and immediately took his food and was watching me, while managing it.

Sit down, be quite, stay and eat. Its look like 1 sentence command. 





Umupo ka maging tahimik, wag kumilos at kumain.

Ahahah, Jose, Juan... Upo manatili, tahimik kain na.

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