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Open Discussion about the Culture of India



I'm just starting to learn Hindi and part of that learning experience is about culture. What can you tell me about India? I would love to learn.



I like Indian movies so mush. Three Idiots is my favourite.


India has a very rich history.English and Hindi are the most understood language in India.Each state in India has its own language,food,customs,festival,dance etc.Its a complex society.Though we are changing rapidly but still some of the basic charcterstics will remain with us

Well, unlike the western society which is independent, Indian society is interdependent. People here are generally quite friendly and inquisitve by nature and you'll be considered a snob if you avoid social interaction. Cricket is the favourite sport and Indian cinema has a place of it's own (the all famous "Bollywood"). Indian food is also unique and is best savoured with bare hands. Indians are voracious eaters and I doubt if there is any other country/culture that has more food in its overall menu than India. There are also a variety of local beverages.

Each state in India is unique in its own way in terms of people, language(especially south India), food, income, culture and various other things. Hindi is understood by most Indians and is predominantly spoken in northern parts of the country. The country has rich traditional roots and a very interesting history. The world's oldest language Sanskrit originated from India. Buddism and Hinduism had its roots here. India was one of the first countries in the world to have an educational university of its own. India has never invaded any country in it's entire history and has always been promoting peace. One can talk about India and keep going on and on forever.. Well that reminds me, Indians are also quite loquacious. :)

and yeah, the 1st book on sex, "Kamasutra" is also totally Indian. It's depictions can be seen inscribed in various heritage sites mainly old temples.

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