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What's the most unusual food you've ever eaten or been offered?

Unusual being a euphemism for gross :P 

My roommate just brought home a ton of 'chapulines' (Mexican fried grasshoppers) and I know it doesn't seem that bad but they smell like death and I am mildly horrified. haha

I know there's A LOT worse than that so feel free to share your gross food stories ;) 



I'm in Vietnam and I'm scared of "mắm tôm" and dog meat.


Let's see there's surströming which is considered a lethal weapon on an aeroplane. It not only stunk so bad but it tastes awful.  Even Escargot was more doable than this.


I went to Ice Cream City in Tokyo, Japan where they had so many odd flavours of ice cream that we couldn't help but try them out. Just to name some flavours: Shark Fin Ramen, Beer, Jelly Fish, Squid, Curry, Chicken Wing (vanilla ice cream with bit of chicken in it), Charcoal (surprisingly delicious), and so on. 

Intestines of pork , actually that was the most unusual or taboo food for others (I think) that I have eaten. But from those that I have heard, >_< gosh from vietnam drinking alcohols with the beating heart of the snake and also from China the delicacy which includes penises of 9 different animals are really far more gross or unusual .

Ok I saw a vid on youtube and that is fucking sick. As an ethical vegetarian I feel really sorry for the octopus...these people are so fucked up. 

Yes, and I'd rather watch a lioness hunting zebra than a bunch of half-drunk Koreans chewing octopi alive. [Thumb this down all you like ;)]
At least unlike many other members of our species you realize we're not any better than a pack of wild animals, congrats to you for that.


I tasted "chapulines", roasted crickets,in Oaxaca,Mexico.  They were tasty.But next time I won´t wear my glasses,I don´t need to notice all  the details...


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