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Hindi Typing


How do I convert the keyboard to type in Hindi? Can anyone help me with this? Thank you so much friends!



Hey Esteban! If you want to type in Hindi then you have to download and install Hindi fonts in your PC. Though typing in hindi is not easy. But I have better option! Just open 'google translate' then select Hindi in "From" column. It is really helpful, but not perfect. There are two option of typing in google translate, one is that in which you type in English for example:- 'Namaste', other option is standard keyboard option. Use any one as per your convenience!!! :)


Yes, it is not that easy to type in Hindi. Still, these steps are involved:


1. Change input language setting of computer to Hindi.

    Control Panel -> Region & Language -> Keyboard & language -> set input language to Hindi

2. Cut out characters/accents from Hindi Keyboard chart and paste them on respective keys. The Hindi keyboard chart is available easily on internet.

3. Install any Unicode fonts like - Mangal, Arial Uncode etc.


That's all !!


But do keep this remember that you change it back to your normal language before shutting down, otherwise next time start and enter passoword, it will not take. :)


Thank you for helping with this. Do you know if it is possible to set fonts Hindi in Word Perfect?

Yes, Install the hindi fonts. After instellation you could select Hindi font in MS word.


Thank you both for your help. I will definitely put your advice into practice. :)

I think, the experience of setting Hindi keyboard depends also from your OS.

For example, my old PC demanded complicated steps mentioned above by Shachi when I tried to set new keyboards. But on my current laptop, I've just clicked "add" in Language Settings Panel - and perfectly working Hindi keyboard appeared!

And it is the same as in mentioned GoogleTranslate "keyboard-hint". So, I've just typed several texts there and remembered all letter's positions. It's not difficult, if you understand how Hindi's letter are connected into pairs. In that case you only need to memorise 1 of 3 Hindi's keyboards (normal state - 1st set of letters, +SHIFT - 2nd set of letters, +CTRL-ALT - 3rd set) - and the content of the rest two sets can be understood logically.

Of course, it'd be helpful if you have a practice of "blind typing".

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