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What do you think of Chinese girls?

What do you think of Chinese girls?(Not only compliments please.)



唉 又是这个话题了


I don't know a lot Chinese girls but...sometime ago I met one girl from China. She is pretty especially her eyes. They look like cat's eyes and I like cats:D. And also, she is kind, a bit shy and looks after her health. 

I think they are very pretty (you too Jane), I like their eyes and their look, for me, they have an exotic beauty.

When I was in China I found them very nice and pretty. Ni shir meili.

i see chinese girl in thailand i think look like thai girl but have diffrent religion and skin color

all Chiness people resemble to each other. your are like to twin :)

For me, Asian Girls specially Japanes, Chinese and Korean are No. 1 in the world. I love how asian girls look like. They're very very pretty, sexy, cute. I love their eyes and their rounded face , rounded nose and small mouth. And believe me, it's not a compliment. moreover, I heard that asian wives are the best in the world. <3<3<3

i am from Asia does the sweet words includes me hahahahahahaha.



   Chinese Girls are very serious and dedicated students.

They are pragmatic and know what they need .

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