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What do you think of Chinese girls?

What do you think of Chinese girls?(Not only compliments please.)



唉 又是这个话题了

I don't know a lot Chinese girls but...sometime ago I met one girl from China. She is pretty especially her eyes. They look like cat's eyes and I like cats:D. And also, she is kind, a bit shy and looks after her health. 

I think they are very pretty (you too Jane), I like their eyes and their look, for me, they have an exotic beauty.

i see chinese girl in thailand i think look like thai girl but have diffrent religion and skin color

all Chiness people resemble to each other. your are like to twin :)

For me, Asian Girls specially Japanes, Chinese and Korean are No. 1 in the world. I love how asian girls look like. They're very very pretty, sexy, cute. I love their eyes and their rounded face , rounded nose and small mouth. And believe me, it's not a compliment. moreover, I heard that asian wives are the best in the world. <3<3<3

i am from Asia does the sweet words includes me hahahahahahaha.

They are pragmatic and know what they need .

What do you think of Chinese girls ? I consider you are bound to embrace some ideas in your mind that projecting onto the issue. I prefer to listen to you to share your opinions about Chinese girls or other Chinese girls can give us more information about how they look themselves. If you want to mirrow yourself by other peoples , it is easy to fail and and you are liable to be misled . The facets of Chinese girls are modified by yourself and people around you .  You are absolutely a typical role model for us to know further more about Chinese girls .

for Bruce , I would rather conceive they are practical or pragmatic than serious . They are indeed dedicated in their work and romantics .

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