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Who are You?

I have no idea about my self .

I don't know my self .

my self is not clear for me .

I don't Who I am .

what about ya , Who are you?




A child of God.

I am Milad.

But the names can't show your charachter.

It depends on peopele mind , someone can knows you as a devil and someone other as an angel...





  Hello Free:


 This is a dilemma, and it exists as a dilemma for several reasons.


One reason is the shift, among modern people, from a religious framework for society to a secular  framework.  Whereas in a religious framework, one could be content with the idea that one is a Soul, and that one belongs to God,  the secular framework support no such identity, whatsoever.


 In other words, there is no such thing as a Unique, Individual   Self  which has been discovered by the Natural Sciences. The model for "man" in the natural sciences, currently portrays man as some kind of a   Machine. This is a mechanical model, whose actions are determined by Chemicals, and not by the Intellgent operation  of a Mind, functioning  in the context of a Free Will.


  This is why so many modern people feel  "lost". They lack an anchor for Self, because no such Self exists.  Of course,  many people balk at this idea, but without clarifying the conceptions.



In old traditional society , most families are structured with 3 generations or more . People living in the similar  extended family can effortlessly help each other . Low rate of suicide is expected as most family are not always to live for personal reason . Frustration of family members can be mended by other relatives or friends . Nowadays , most family in current community are composed of 2 generations without broad support of other family  . They have to learn more flexible to fit the society and tough enough to face different obstacle in front of them  . After all , most people in flesh cannot resist and avert every challenge successfully . They are easy to stray in the modern busy city and forget who they are  . Who they are might be an universal problem all over the world in current commercial city .

I'm a weird girl not like everybody. original.

as i am a muslim i can tell you " god" says if you wanna know who are you and if you wanna know how "god" loves you look around you and see what are you in  cause "god" when he loves a person he uses him as a good person 

I am who I am ;)

i am who i think i am


congrajulations!!!!!!!!! for what?cuase these days  afew people care about this question.

im muslim ...and as god said in our holy book;we are alive cuase god has gave us his spirit .so we are all valuebale... we are here to be examined and show our abilities...anی god is always with us as he said:im close to you even closer than your vessel necks...

so just enjoy the life in a wise way....

i am a present for my friends and family,grow gradually,and will become better and better

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