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¿Cuáles son algunas buenas canciones en español?

Also, can someone help me with Spanish?




Yeah, I can help you with spanish.

Te recomiendo que escuches algunas canciones de Juanes es un cantate colombiano.

It depends on the kind of music do you like. You can try listening to Mecano, Mago de Öz, Warcry, Nino bravo...

I listen to pretty much anything.

Hi There are a Peruvian singer. Your name is Gianmarco

My favorite song is "canción de amor"

* Te recomiendo canciones lentas :)

puedes escuchar a juanes, o sin bandera que e sun grupo mexicano, 

Hi, I can help you with your Spanish

if I were you, I would listen spanish group such as La Oreja de Van Gogh, Melendi

which kind of music do you like? rock, salsa 

Hi, thank you for the suggestions. I like rock, classic rock, salsa, and jazz.

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