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Why do you study English?




For me it is the language for business, and then for leisure to meet new friends from around the world, it is the key language between both if our language is not English (example: Spanish and Japanese)

hey...i gratuated in toursim managment...but my english is not i need to improveit:)

For use during travel

I took to English really seriously after my very first visit to London, where I couldn't communicate with people properly (to be honest, 'properly' is not an appropriate word really, all the conversations I had were absolutely disastrous). 

Then I became disillusioned with London, but nevertheless decided to carry on in case if I ever get an offer to work in the UK, but wouldn't be able to due to my poor English. After that felt in love with a foreign guy (lead to nothing though :D), became frieds with some guys from abroad. So initially the circumstances were sort of pushing me forward. 

Later, was pondering over giving up the whole idea of learning English, but suddenly felt in real love with the language in its totality, I still find it to be absolutely beautiful and charming (even struggling with it every bloody day and thinking I'm hopeless in terms of lanhuages).

Plus, due to globalisation the world is getting (fuguratively) smaller, travelling is not a big thing anymore, and without knowledge of foreign languages (unless you're from English speaking countries, haha) you're confining yourself to only one society/country, whereas there're so many beautiful places and people in the world.



i don't study it i just get better at it everyday, because i was born and live in America


I study English because I also teach English as Second Language in Thailand.  I want to improve my vocabulary because I am always writing articles for Yahoo! Voices.

is soo important, because the english is the language morr talked over world

For fun. I did not study it really, just played a lot of video games, wacthed a lot of tv shows and read some books... after a while I got used to the language.

First, i think English is fun, and my job need it.

I want to comunicate with people.

So I study English every day.

But, English is difficult...


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