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what do you do on the weekend ?

I like stay in my dorm to watching some darma and TV shows



I have nothing to do but stay at home for deep rest usually. Sometimes I go out for hiking or shopping.

a cup of coffee for the morning and go round city


I always clean my house on weekends then I go to some nice place in town and meet my friends.

If it's a relative's birthday, we go out for lunch, and then we continue talking and having drinks until the evening. If there is nothing to celebrate, we have lunch at home as usual, and then we spend the afternoon watching movies on TV or reading some good book.

If it is a lovely sunny day, I go to the park to feed the birds there, black swans, seagulls, pigeons and parrots. They are so hungry and willing to come close to me. And sometimes when I'm lucky, I get to see pelicans, which are really rare to see. But if it raining, I just have to stay at home, watching some movies or doing some online shopping.

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