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Are you lazy?If so,how do you deal with it?>_<



maybe)do nothing or make another day^-^

"Are you lazy?" -> YES, I'm the laziest man on Earth.

"how do you deal with it?" -> by sleeping.

I enjoy being lazy.

We can all be lazy sometimes. I think the more time we spend being lazy, doing nothing, the easier it is to be lazy and continue to do nothing. The only way to deal with it for me is to force myself to do the things I need to do and I will start straightaway by submitting this then closing italki to focus on my stuff. After all, being lazy makes me feel guilty and unsuccessful but doing the stuff I want/need to is more fulfilling.


Oh, I see a movie has finished downloading, maybe I will watch it... No, Matt. Study!!! :)

Well I guess there is no other cure for laziness other than indomitable will. Some people told me that  they cure their laziness by, for example, exercising, eating apples, giving themself some present upon achieving target and so on and so on but all they did was to cure their problem temporarily.


The only method of overcoming laziness is don't be lazy. That's it. You must fight and push yourself hard enough to the point where you might not feel good by being lazy.


Well at least that is how I did it I think. I don't know whether this borderlines workaholic.

i am too lazy to deal with it :3

Well, whe i'am lazy, i often dont want to do anythings, just want to do what i like. For example, learning english, reading French books or English books... or sing a Chinese song... whatever i do, i just want to make me feel busier than do nothing..:)

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