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What is your attitude towards a person who smokes a lot?

I apologize If I am offensive, but I started this discussion because recently in my girlfriend's house lives a person who smokes a lot and this bothers me a lot. She smokes inside the house and every 30 minutes. My girlfriend's house smells very bad. I don´t like to live with a person who smokes and even I don´t like to stay near a smoker. She/he smells very bad, her/him hair, her/him breath,  her/him hands. Also,this is unhealthy and even if you don´t smoke, if you live with a person who smokes. you are breathing this toxic air, and this hurts your lungs. Sometimes I try to no making bad gestures but I can´t, because this disgusting me a lot. Many say that I am picky because when I see a person who is smoking I run away from him or her, If I am walking in the street and a person is smoking ahead of me I change to the another side for not breathing its toxic air. The first thing I ask a woman is if she smokes, because I don´t like to have a couple who smokes. I would like that a lot of people quit this bad habit not only for his/her own health, but also for the sake of the others around him/her. What do you suggest in order to help people to quit this bad habit? if you are a smoker what is the attitude of the people around you? 




I'm not a smoker but smokers do not bother me. Cigarette smoke doesn't bother me at all. Would I prefer to not have smoke blown in my face? Of course! LOL! But I guess I have a high tolerance to smoke or something so I'm not annoyed by smokers but they don't always have the most pleasant smelling clothes, that's for sure!

Here in my country many people are very selfish, and they only cares about themselves, they don´t obey rules. However here doesn´t exist rules for smoking in the streets they can smoke in the streets, parks, etc. Recently here the government creates a law prohibiting smoking in close spaces. Therefore if you are in a park you will see a lot of people smoking, if you are on the sidewalk the same. Fortunately here in my house nobody smokes but when I am going to visit someone I am not lucky because I found a person who smokes inside the house. 

I am not a smoker and I don't hate smoker but I hate when people smoke near at me. I am just lucky that people here don't smoke near people who they know that don't smoke.  Well if there are people who smoke at near I just acting coughing it's like a code that u don't want them to smoke around or I just simply tell them that I don't smoke so can u smoke over there?

Hello, Doris Day good for you, Some people here know that it is disrespectful smoke near at someone who doesn´t smoke. However,there are a lot of impolite people who smoke everywhere even they feel angry when you show your disgusting towards her/him bad habit, so the best you can do is stay away from these people. I don´t hate smokers, I hate his/her bad habit. I have known people who have quit to this. I am worried about children who have smoker parents because they fully absorb this toxic air and maybe in the future they will suffer a lot due to their irresponsible parents.    

Yes u r right. I dont even like people who smoke in front of u. First of all this it should not be done as its not good for health, we all aware of it.  yet u r habitual or cant leave it atleast should have that much attiquetts that not smoke near to others. ITs smells really irritates me.

It is very bad habit and I don't have any tolerance about that attitude ,to be honest I'm very aggressive with anyone who smokes in front of me,cause he didn't care about my feeling and my health even if he was my boss,but in your case Diego,you should tell your girlfriend to ask her sister if she can smoke in the balcony.if she didn't agree,take your girlfriend out :)


in this case I didn't recommend to be aggressive hahahaaaaa

i used to smoke one packet daily but i do not smoke in house or in closed public place usually i go to street in order to do not bother anyone . i think smoking is very bad habit . god willing i will quit smoking in coming days

Hello Kshatriya, I understand what you said about sitting  in the passenger's seat while they're driving. Fortunately I haven´t experimented that. As far as I know here it is not allowed, but I have seen many people doing that. I wish the same, but I think this is something impossible because it produces a lot of money and the government only cares about it. Also if the government ban that companies. Many illegals will sell cigarettes. or maybe people will look at another worse drug for smoking it. I think that a solution will be that parents who already smoke they think about the benefits and their children's health instead of their own pleasure. It is a matter of will. Perhaps it is utopia but I dream with a world free of drugs.  

Hello basma, It is not my girlfriend's sister, She doesn´t smoke. she is my girlfriend's aunt who recently visited her from another country. I have said to my girlfriend that she should told her smoke outside the house. However, my girlfriend is afraid of telling her that. We have discussed by this. Because It bothers me a lot, and I don´t want to go there while her aunt is smoking inside the house. My girlfriend also is zero tolerant to cigarettes , but I don´t understand her fears of telling her that she must smoke outside. She is praying for her aunt goes to her house quickly.   

Hola Diego,


I do hate the smell of smoke and the aftermath you describe (the stench of ciggy smoke!). Aside from unhealthy, 'polite' smokers go outside or try to alleviate the 2nd hand smoke somehow- as others have described here...and I am very picky like you describe too- I do not want to be around smoking....but wait..inside their home....they are king/queen.

It seems in the situation you describe this person is in their own home and as you are the guest- it is not your place to comment or dictate how/what they should do.


If they light up, you simply try to leave, distance yourself from the smoke or stick it out! Tell your girl, you are allergic and cannot breath- I'm sure you can find an activity to do outside of the home. She will understand.


Where I live, there is no smoking in public areas (inside spaces) and sometimes outside spaces are limited to 50 feet from building front. Along side walk and city streets- anything goes. People inside their cars and homes are also free to light up. Coincidentally in my state in the US, tobacco is not as popular as other smokeable leaves. (recent law change) This too is limited to inside your home- the one haven a smoker may feel they have.

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