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What are your hobbies and interests?



Based on the pesonality type and field of study, every body might have different hobbies and interests from other. Having studied Mechanical engineering, I perfer to seek for softwares which are related to my job and trying to be up to dated.

Linux, is not a hobby, it's a favorite toy.
I also write poetry, I look at the sky and listen to music.

watching Tv and play ing with my kid!!!!!


Watching football, maybe going for a walk, sometimes sightseeing , often it depends on my mood I think, and what about you? Or learning language is your hobby??

Andrey; youre right learning language,playing guitar, reading, writing, music and sports =) 

watching matches to germaney team and bayern and movies to nicolas cage .

shoping , specially buying high heels <3

I like to play bass guitar always and hear songs. I am also used to watch movies and read good books. Nowadays, I've liked so much learning a new language and talk with people around the world.


My hobbies include: international travel, reading books, writing poetry and prose,  showing off my artistic capabilities through drawing, painting, playing around with programmes like Photoshop and Pixlr, blogging, creating websites, learning languages (obviously since I'm an aspiring polyglot), singing (by myself in private. The last time I did karaoké I was the second worst singer apparently. But maybe that's because the song I wasn't really trying either. Who knows.) and being social. 


I like reading, cooking, photography and annoying the hell out of my friend :D 


I love my job too, English tutor.


I love playing with my cat, "Mitten" she's adorable.

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