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What genre of music do you listen more?

I simply like Jazz and Trance.

what do you like?

And tell my why?



Lately I've heard Heavy and Power Metal because I've played bass guitar in a band with friends. This kind of music is very helpful to improve your bass player skills, it requires of you your best if you want to do it sounds real and better. I've really liked to play and hear this kind of music.

Heavy metal, because i enjoy it, I like powerful voices, strong lyrics and melodic music.

I have the same feeling about melodic trance with meaningful lyrics and good vocals that you have about metal . It get me too many energy to fullfill my daily tasks



if i feel sleepy at work i want hip hop and rnb


if i am in the mood or angry punk and rock



if i just want to relax love songs and reggae

My heart rate !

I love to listen to soft or relaxing music, especially soft solo piano music. Such music calms me down.

Oh i love music so much...... 

And i can listen very different genre of music depends on my mood . :) 

But ppiano is my favourite.....

Nice Sarah & RuzAnna!

It's intersting to listen to piano but I listened too few classics in some selections.

Please Recommend some pieces .



Great! Here a Trance lover too! :D :D
Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk are and will be as always my favourite DJs :-)


I also love listening to the series of background music in the travelling show Globe Trekker (former Lonely Planet). A big big reason I've found the UK charming since my senior high because of the funny British fellow host, Ian Wright.

Armin is the king

I like Dashberlin , Ferry Corsten , Above&Beyond and Emma Hewitt ,Cathy Burton Vocals

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