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What are the distractions (or competes for your attention) when studying languages?



New words and phrases that confuse me  = =


What distracts you? (What are the things that competes for your attention?) = What keep you distracted or distracts you.

 I´m  I´m primarily an overthinker. 

I ´m highly distracted from present acticity by the thoughts of what I should be doing.

Things like reading, writing an essay, work reports, learning... thoughts and thoughts.

My mind keeps "semi-focused" on many things at same time.

Well I'm mostly distracted by my cat who loves nothing more than to park his ass right on top of my notes, books, well more accurately anything that: a) is made of paper b) I'm clearly trying to focus on. *sigh*

being lazy is my greatest competetitors. Games in my computer and in phone and tv series they reall distract me.

I'm trying to learn Korean, and trying to learn phrases is very hard for me! :/


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