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What do you think about writing letters?




I don´t write a lot nowadays, but I´d enjoy to take time to write and send a hadnwritten letter to some friend.

My older relatives have letters from the time they were younger.

Beautiful love letters, or the first impression about the place they were.

Writing a good way to access inner thoughts, and it´s great when we can share them with a loved one.

Now a days its a little "Old" because there are a lot of new things that replaced the letters such as e mails facebook twitter and all that stuff however it would be nice spending time writing and sending letters like people used to do in the past just to keep it alive. 

I seldom "write" a letter now. The most important reason for this is because I lack an addressee. Besides my handwriting is really poor. 

But I write a lot at the PC -- sadly, most in Chinese only. 

I don´t write because I am busy.

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