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What do think about when you hear about algeria ?

Hi guys,
I'm aware that most of people know just few things about Algeria , but at least they have a conception about it .
I wonder what are the things that come to your mind when you hear about Algeria ?

Note: be frank even if you have a bad image or a look towards Algeria , don't hesitate to tell us .

Feel free to ask anything about Algeria , the guys here will do their best .



Good evening from Brussels! 

I have always been amazed how Algeria hasn't been more of a holiday destination like it's immediate neighbors to the west and to the east. I think it is a deliberate policy, or at least used to be.
Tourism (especially mass tourism) is a very mixed blessing.
What would you recommend to a potential tourist?

Another thing about Algeria - if there is so much natural gas, why are the people so poor?
Forgive me if I am wrong, but that is the general perception.

مع سلامة


Sand. And more sand. And perhaps some camels. Walking on sand. Oh, and I know Algiers is the capital. Not too hard to remember just like Tunis in Tunesia. Anyway, just checked some info:

--Algiers is currently ranked lowest out of 132 capitals in the Economist Intelligence Unit's quality of life survey. The survey takes into consideration 40 different criteria divided into 5 categories: stability, health services, culture and environment, education, and the availability of basic services.--

Well and then there were bombings last year, right?

All in all Algeria doesn't really sound attractive to me
Algerie this name it is not is quite strange to me.
i know it's belong nations of Afric
im sure ,there have many many buildings and structures which are of great cultural relic value and are memorable, 
really want travel to see with my own eyes,insha Allah
besides that,now i have alot of friends from here
it's one of good things for me

honesly in the past i did know algeria well and i was thinking it is a bad country but when i have looked for it recently i find it is an amazing country has a friendly people and many beautiful historical places.antiques
Selammm there from Türkiye..

Algeria ( Cezayir ) reminds me of the historical events that we lived together as one country ( ottomans-Osmanlı- ) it seems a cute country. if i had a chance, i'd be glad to go there. but im just worrying about the HOOOOTT weather  i know it's really stinging 
modern cities.
educated & professionals.

tourism?? not much advertisement. not even sure if there is a nice place there for us to visit?

hi,about this my impression it`s once a colony of France,or England?Sorry ,er in fact China also used to be a  semi-colony of many many western country!
 and hot,oil,bule sky,you`er  Arabs,? So then the women would all black cloth around boby,just two eyes allow to outside?


you can see some pictures about algeria her

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