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What do you think about my country Guatemala? please be honest :)

I'm from Guatemala, and I knew people in U.S that never heard about my country, other ones told me about the poverty there..... guys be honest, I'm not get mad about your thoughts!!!!



l never heard of it. l just googled, it's in Latin America?

I only know there is the country on earth ,beside this , i have no idea .

I don't know. It sounds familiar but I don't know anything about your country. It would be better if you will tell me about your country.

I hope to travel there in 2014.  I've been learning more about its culture and history, things like

...fantastic Mayan ruins

...interesting indigenous cultures

...minority language groups

...really good coffee

...a terrible civil war in recent history

...unique flora and fauna 

...a popular ecotourism destination

...popular colonial-era cities


and all that is packed into a pretty small country. : )

No Idea. It will be more helpful if you post or tell us about your country and how does you see it? Not thinking about what others see it. 

I know the old saying "salir de Guatemala y entrar en Guatapeor".


But on a more serious note, although I haven't yet visited your country, I have read and heard many nice things about it, including things to the effect that Guatamala is a land of friendly people and gorgeous scenery. 

Everything is positive - except the history and politics of Gutaemala. The current shame is that Ríos Montt is not in prison where he should rot! Yes, some people in the USA who care about your beautiful country know the whole sad and sordid story..... yes we know about United Fruit Company and all that, and the guilt of the USA as well - sorry to mention those things - because Guatemala deserves better! We all hope that things will change for the better for everyone living there.


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