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How to improve listening&oral quickly?

i think my written is OK,so i intend to improve listening & oral. who can tell me how to enhance them ? Maybe read a classic novel or anything ?



If you are looking to improve your spoken English, you probably should practice speaking more. You can find a tutor or teacher to help you, or if you have more time, you could also find a friend to chat with.


Find a language partner who will do a 50/50 Skype exchange with you. If you click on ''Language partners'', you can do a search for someone who speaks English and is learning Mandarin. I have several language exchange partners, and they're really making a huge difference in my ability to speak and understand!


You could also hire a tutor or a teacher through italki if you want to spend the entire hour speaking English. There are some very good teachers here. I take Spanish classes twice a week, and they're worth every penny.


Reading a novel will help with vocabulary and sentence structure, but it won't help with listening. Maybe listen to an audiobook and read along? That will at least let you hear the spoken language while you're listening.


Radio, podcasts, movies, TV shows - basically expose yourself to the spoken language as much as you can.


Good luck!

Movies are great for training your ears! But here is a trick! It's better to choose some series with 20-min episodes and watch each episode at least 3 times, than watch a 1,5-hour movie once. It's gonna improve your listening ability and extend your vocabulary as well. You'll catch lots of common expressions easily. And if you keep watching one series you'll be exposed to the same vocabulary again and again, so you'll learn automatically, without writing expressions down, memorizing new words etc. I personally like "How I met your mother". It's both fun and not difficult to understand! 

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