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is here anybody living in Guangdong or gonna go there in few days?

I am gonna go to Guangdong on this Saturday .is here anybody living or planning go there?l really wanna find some friends who can speak English fluently and wanna learn some Chinese to play and hang out together!if you are ,please contact me!(cristle1992)



Hi, May I know where do you lve in China?

i am living in guangzhou .i can help u if u english is not very good,but i am very interested in it.are u willing to communicating with me in english

just between guangzhou city and shenzhen city . 

Guangdong is a big area! Did you mean Guangzhou (sometimes called Canton in English)? I am in Shenzhen.

Ohh... I was just in Foshan and Guangdong... Bad timing I guess.


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