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Are you environmental friendly?

Hi everyone

in your country people are worried about the climate change? I must to admit, that until now, I didn't realise how important it is to keep our world clean so I started to travel by bus or walking instead of driving my car

I also buy rechargable batteries and I have organize an in home recycling centre and my famiy and me are learning how to use it. Addmitedly, at the beginning I hadn't any idea how to do 

And you, are you environmental friendly and how do you contribute to do this?

I really appreciate your answers 



That's very responsible of you to do. I worry, sometimes, about climate change but I don't do anything positive, to be honest.

Hey Jose,


In my part of the US people are VERY 'green' (environmentally friendly) and work at recycling, food composting and general reusing mindset. I know that in other parts of this same country, there is no recyling at all. I think it depends on the area you live in, and the awareness your life affords you. Here, people have their basic needs met and are very able/willing/interested in bettering their quality of life through recycling/green efforts.




We are all worried, but unfortunately we don't take an action. We just complain about global warming but we do nothing. Maybe we blame others for the climate change, but all of us are resiponsible towards the environment.

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