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Bring the world to a little boy .Please take some time to look at this.

  Hi ,my friends .I came across this post on a website ,and i was deeply moved by the single mother's love to her children.Please spare a little time to watch this post which is full of a mother's great love.I really appreciate it ! The following is the post.


   Hello dear,

My name is Saskia and I have 2 kids. We love to host Surfers from all over the world (my son started to speak English just by being near them) and we also surfed 3 times in Germany by now.

Background of this post: Damian, my son, enjoys CS very much. He likes to meet new people, see the differences in language, culture and food and really loves to have some new CS-Friends. Because of his heart defect, we are not able to travel to all the places we would like so I try to bring the world to him (with CS, postcrossing and so on)

Damian is now 6 years old and he starts with school soon. He gets a completely new designed room with a huge world map and for this and after, I like to ask you for a postcard from your place. His wish is, to get greeting cards from all over the world, he can pin together with our CS-visitor-flags on the world-map.

So could you help me with this project?

- please send a postcard from the place you are with a picture of sth. special from there
- write down: "Good luck for your time in school" (or similar) in your own language/the language from the place you are...
- may be some personal words from you to him (in English or German)
- your name, city, country

This would be soooo great and I hope it makes him more open and interested to the world (he spend a lot of time in hospital and so it's difficult to show him how huge and good and differt world is)

Thank you.

   If everybody can make a little difference ,the world will be a greater world.




Keep spreading the world, my dear sis.

haha ,yes ,i always appreciate you for what you did and said ,really

My dear sis, you are so kind with your words.

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