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How do you feel when the internet is down?

It's been for two hours and I swear if it doesn't come back on soon I'm gonna need life support





У меня достаточно дел чтоб занять себя в отсутствие интернета. Иногда мне кажется что было бы неплохо если б его не было неделю или больше. НО да, когда отключают интернет появляется множество задач которые можно решить только при его наличии. и это бесит.



Typo - it's been two hours***
I'm at work. I have stuff to do that really needs to be done and I can't do any of it and it's driving me crazy.

i go crazy without internet:P

How I feel? Uncomfortable... sad, but it's the truth :-/ I'm not talking about Facebook etc, that doesn't interest me. But I NEED access to the newspapers, wikipedia, google etc to look things up.

Yeah well like I said I'm at work...And I have an iphone, I use 3G but I need a computer to work.

If I am at work and internet is very slow or down.. I really feel irritated but if I am just at home well I will just sleep if there is no internet or just do something else.. It's a waste of emotion and enrgy to be angry of not having an internet just because I am just browsing unrelated work site.


However if I am watching Amercian tv series online. I really need good internet connection. I don't want to watch a buffering video. 

When I am disconected either by circumstance or by choice, I remember the words that were said in a very different context:  Free at last

When I am working and I want to skip my work I hope the internet will go down.

When I am watching tv series online or downloading something and internet will go down. I want to start a war. 

Amazing it is how dependant we've become, we think we use Internet but it is Internet using us.

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