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Where is "home" for you?


I lived in many countries and cities. My parents have two different nationalities and in my native country are almost more foreigners than natives. Currently I live in Berlin and many people ask my where I'm from. So the questions "who am I?" and "where is my home?" are questions which follow me all the time.


Now, I was surfing the net and I found a fantastic video on youtube I wanted to chare with you even though maybe some of you already know it.


My question to you: where is your home?



I have been watching TED videos.. I like this topic that you shared. My home is where my heart is. Where my family, friends and love ones is. 



I also agree with the most top comments in youtube of this video.

"Home is where I poop most comfortably."

In my opinion, home is there where you are loved and where your heart is wanted to be.



hahaha yeah its really brilliant. Its common for some people not being comfortable just to poop anywhere. It is also my problem when I am in another house or anywhere. I just want to poop where my butt belong and it's in my toilet/bathroom.

Je pense que le sud de la Fance, sud est de préference ;) me correspond tout à fait comme "chez moi" ou  maison" (près de la mer c'est encore mieux). C'est la ou je me sens bien en tout cas.

My home is where I am ok with my family but all my life I have lived in Curico, Chile.


Thank you for all your comments! It looks like many people see their home where their familiy is. Is that the only criteria or are there others too?

Where is my family, where is my home.

my ccountry is "Home" for me!....

my home is and always will be the city where I was born: Rome.

But my home is also my family

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