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Is it appropriate or inappropriate to ask below in your culture

people's age 

People's religion

people's family

people's house or car cost

people's salary



its ok...:) i live in our religion is islam:)  and most of young ppl live with their family..:)

What about others ( salary, religion...)

i dont know about salary..coz i dont work:P religion is islam:)


In France, to someone you know very little, it would be considered as rude to ask ANY of these questions.

In our country it's okay to ask those question but people will not answer you what is their age and how much is their salary. If you will ask them about their age they will say "guess it" and if you ask them about their salary they will just say "it's not that big or just enough". The will not give a specific answer but they dont take it as offensive. 

In Germany I wouldn't ask for the salary or the price of a house but it's no problem to ask for the price of a car.

People are not used to be asked for their religion, but I think most people wouldn' mind.

Some people do not like to be asked their age, so I wouldn't ask everybody.

To ask for the family shouldn't be a problem. Most people are happy to tell you everything especially about their children or grandchildren.

It always depends on who is asking, and why.

I live in Saudi Arabia, but I am Palestinian. Every time I go to Palestine, my relatives and even complete strangers do not hesistate to ask me about how much I get paid or how much we pay for rent. That makes me feel very uncomfortable, but this is the impact of the social closeness that Arabs have in general. It's also quite normal to ask about one's family, religion, or age, although asking about a woman's age might make her a little uncomfortable, especially if she's an older woman. I have noticed that Saudis are better are maintaining an appropriate reserve in respect of others, although I have been asked here several times about how much I get paid.

In Sapain:


people's age: men, indifferent; women, inappropriate.

People's religion: indifferent.

people's family: appropriate.

people's house or car cost: appropriate.

people's salary: entirely inappropriate.


All the best!

For reference, I am from the United States.

Age: It is ok to ask for a person's age if the person appears to be young. If the person appears to be over thirty, you should not ask them for their age. If you must ask, it is more socially acceptable to ask men for their ages. Never ask a grown woman. Don't do it. She will murder you. If she wants you to know, she will tell you.


Religion: It is generally acceptable to ask about a person’s religion if you know them on a personal level. You should not ask about a person's religion if they are a co-worker or if you just met them.


Family: It is socially acceptable to ask about a person's family. Conversations involving family are generally considered small talk (polite conversations about uncontroversial matters). However, when you are first meeting someone, it is impolite to ask about deep family issues. For example, it is considered fine to ask an acquaintance about which college their sibling attends because it is not an emotionally charged issue. It is not socially acceptable to ask an acquaintance if any of their siblings are suffering from addition issues since this may cause a lot of emotional pain.

House or Car Cost: You should never ask a person about how much their house or car costs. If the person wants you to know the price, they will tell. However, the only reason (I can think of) that is considered socially acceptable for a person to tell you how much they spent on a car/house is if they are talking about a really good deal they got in the price. For example, it is generally considered ok for a person to say, "I bought this car for $15,000! This was a great deal because it originally was $30,000. I'm so luck I went shopping during a time when the car dealership was having a large sale!"

Salary: In general, it is socially unacceptable to ask about another person's salary. However, there is an emerging movement where people are trying to make this socially acceptable in the workplace, because businesses often cheat their employees by paying them different prices for the same work. Their argument is that if people knew each other's salaries, they can stop business from paying people different wages for the same work. So, if you must ask, be cautious. Make sure you go to an amicable co-worker you trust and tell them why you are asking about their salary. So to sum this up: do not ask anyone but your co-workers about their salary, but proceed with caution when you do so.

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