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Skype conversation group [English]

*That's my first thread here, so, i'm sorry if i'm doing/writing something wrong. Please don't kill me '-'


Hi, I'm looking for groups where i can train my english with other people

I saw this topic here at Italki: (

There, i found 2 links (at the first answer), but, the topic of the first link is old, and isn't a group (i think), and the "Skype Conversation Club" topic link don't work.


can somebody help me? if you know some conversation group/club, please tell me xD



count me in 



Though verbling is not free :(

Thank you Craig, i'm already using the Verbling, it's so good, i'm learning more day by day (i know i have too many things to improve).
If you wanna train your english conversation [listening/speaking] with people from all the world, that's the right place.


And Blitzy, you just have to pay if you want to make the "online courses". But if you just wanna pratice with a group, you have to log in the Verbling[] and click on "Groups" at the menu bar, after you will can see a list of groups (of too many languages), choose a group with the language that you want to learn and with your level [Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced] and join in.

Verbling IS FREE.

Thank you very much Craig!

I'd would like practique english by skipe


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