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what about your knowledge for Arabic language?

Arabic language is a world language ,so we must learning it as soon as we ,writting and speaking.





I am still a beginner!

I hope I can master this beautiful language soon.

Wish me success, sister! :)

inshallah so soon dear sister.


As-salamu 'aleykum oukhti. 

I am also a beginner, but days passing, I get better at reading words and learnings vocabulary. Wish me good luck too ! Take care.

inshallah Dear Laurent.good luck

It's a great language

هل تريد تعلم اللغة العربية !

انا اتحدت العربي

I am a beginner. I'm taking a class in school and we are still practicing the alphabet and words (long vowels and short vowels). I have a lot to go, but wish me luck!


yes it is a very beautiful language and i hope that all the people who  want learn it to master it)) good luck all ))

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