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so many want to learn English,how about other languages?

I think some other languages are dying when more and more people study several common languages.So what do you think、



Languages are used to communicate with others. We will not give up our mother tongue. And we study common languages only to learn more  about the world.

Actually I think mother tongue is important. The world will be boring and simple if we say the same language.So let's study our own language well ,then find interest and benifits in learning other languages.Thanks.


It's essential  for some enhancments to your financial bottom line, if you apply English in the right places. Languages die off, it's just the way it is.


The problem with English speakers- at least in the United States- is that there are so many that never bother to learn another language simply because English is already so widely spoken worldwide. I'm not sure what that is and it is an interesting phenomenon. I suppose if I weren't a native English speaker, then I would have to learn the language whether I wanted to or not. This is probably because so many English speakers EXPECT others to learn our language rather than the other way around. That is really saddening for a language lover like myself.  Being a pragmatist, I have to have something USEFUL or I will quickly lose interest. So this is one of the reasons that I quit German so quickly is that I learned that most Germans speak English. That is true for other European languages as well. If I were to travel to Germany and try to speak German, chances are that the person would speak English back with me. So what would be the purpose since language is all about communication anyway? So, I'm working on Indian languages and Russian because I know that there are many in those countries that do not know English. I'll give the Russian Federation about 10 more years and English will be just as common there as it is in European countries.

The world should adopt the Spanish language instead of English as the international language.

I like the Spanish linguistic system of the five vowels. The Spanish vowel phonemes are / aeiou /. The Spanish vowel phonemes are easy to say and understand.

Spanish is one of the world's phonetic languages. If you know how to spell a Spanish word, you can almost always know how to pronounce it.

For demographic reasons, the percentage of the world population who speaks Spanish as their native language is increasing, while the proportion of Chinese and English speakers are down. In 2030, 7.5% of the world population will speak Spanish (a total of 535 million people), a figure that stands out above the Russian (2.2%), French (1.4%) and German (1.2%).

In 2050, the United States will have the largest number of fluent Spanish speakers in the world.

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The conjugation of verbs is easy, if you use a computer program to conjugate Spanish verbs. You can easily write the infinitive of a verb Spanish, then press the button "Conjugate" to see the conjugation table.  It's easy to learn how to use the conjugation table to determine the correct form of the verb that you want to use correctly in a Spanish sentence.  The Spanish verb conjugations are no longer an obstacle to the Spanish language becoming the next international language of the computer age.


I think it individual, no one expects anyone to learn anything, but when confronted with the inability to comunicate where comunication is nessesary, it defaults to the person able to bridge that communication gap



English has taken such strong rooting, most foriengers by virture of exposure to English can bridge that gap, albeit with differing degress of effectiveness;giving the impression English speakers don't care to learn.


Language learning is hard, it is just the path of lease resistance call it LAZY..


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