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Why to be vegetarian?

My rabbit is so sweet, but he have killed a lot of flies, just for pleasure.


Chicken eats worms to feed.


Why should we break the food chain whereas they do what we do ?







We shouldn't.

@αλεξης  I didn't see anything in Nicolas' post that was critical of vegetarians.  It seemed more like a general question from someone who was genuinely interested in a discussion of vegetarianism.  


Over the years I've decreased the amount of meat I eat just because the ethically raised meat is so expensive here in the US.  And vegetarian dishes are often great tasting buy themselves and don't need meat.   : )

You can eat anything as long as you can swallow it but if you want a better diet and you are fighting for animal welfare then be a vegetarian. I want to be a vegetarian but its hard for me to do it because Im still living with my parents. I dont have my own kitchen and ref and I am not the one cooking our meal.

Actually I try to not eat red meats but only about the cancers reasons.


And anathème, it's the first time that I see a vegetarian speaking about those reasons, and I will think about it.


But, if I would be an industry, which elevates his animals in good conditions, kissing their nose every night to be sure they do sweet dreams, waking them up by singing Wake Me Up Before You Gogo of Wham, and if I killed them fairly.


Would you eat my meat ?

And do you eat fishes ?


"If people hunted animals for food like lions hunt zebra, it'd be fine by me."


We fish fishes as lions hunts zebra.




He would eat your rabbit for sure. He scares any cat and is bigger than some.

If it would be human, we would call him Chuck Norris.

Actually, I think that it's about a state of mind. 

Some people would decide to become vegetarians because they simply don't like meat, others would do that for some religious reasons. There are also those who opt for a meatless diet, or are influenced by these new campaigns that promote organic food. 

I personally don't eat meat (because I simply don't want to and it disgusts me sometimes). But I've already eaten meat and I'll probably do it again. Basically, it depends on my mood.

Well, I don't know about this, but people are vegetrians because it's killing, they why do some people want to eat plants. Isn't that killing too? I mean plants are living organisms too. They breathe and feed like we do. Why kill it? Just because animals and bleed and plants don't, doesn't mean that eating plants aren't killing too.

* Then why do some people want to eat plants. Sorry a mistake.


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