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One language


Is it possible that in the future people all around the world will speak only in one language ?

What do you think ?

I think that using one language all around the world is very convenient.



It's possible that in the future people all around the world could speak in the same language but not only one. Because of the existance of different culture, of cultural continuty, and those who cling on to and are proud of being different from other peoples, different languages will still be spoken. But you are right about the convenient. :)

i think it is impossible...there are thousands of languages all around the world.this is the culture of human and it has spreaded for thousands of years. It is good that human want to learning, More and more people will know well two or three languages. 


Loman Liu, I think that culture of big countries sooner or later will assimilate/absorb cultures of small countries. So, in the future, there will be a few big cultural traditions that will merge each other.



It is impossible that we will speak only one language because our own language is part of us and part of our culture. We can't just forget it but I believe in the future all people will be bilingual (did I spell it right? haha) therefore all people could understand each other.


I think it is already happening. Not trying to sound ethnocentric but it seems that English is becoming the lingua franca of the world. Perhaps not every single person will ever speak the same language but it will come to a point where one will simply have to speak a common language in order to communicate on a worldwide scale.

I agree that using one language all around the world seems very convenient, but it can be possible to lose national and personal identities.


Esteban, thank you. In your comment you have described/expressed what exactly I had meant but couldn't handle to formulate. There is an actual/urgent need of one language that allows people from any countries around the world freely communicate. In first step of the realisation of this need we definitely will get a lingua franca of the world. In second step, national cultures will bу merged in and absorbed by a global international culture and there will be no need for people in knowing local languages except linguists and the like.  And on the final stage there will be one language and one global culture. 

One who doubt that I recomend recall the latin language history :)  


I think all is possible in the future but now humanity has more serious problems. And one more, in which language we have to speak? For me, I prefer Ukrainian, it is one of the most beautiful and melodic language but I doubt that you belive me

One language?? That would make me very sad :( I find every language very beautiful and so interesting. Each language comes with a group of people each with his or her own culture, personality, and history. I don't want any of that to disappear.

It is a possibility, but I don't ever see that happening though. There has been a many languages that has gone extinct but that was due to there not being any one with the desire or anyone left to learn the languages. As long as their is someone present with the desire to learn the language, the language will probably not go extinct. However, I have seen and heard of people who abandon their mother tongue for the other language such as English which saddens me. Don't get me wrong. I love English. Its a language that has so many words to convey how I feel. I also love the accents of those who speak this language. :) Convenience vs culture?  I take the culture part. When has anything worthwhile in life been easy to obtain?



I agree with you: it would be very "convenient" if everyone in the world spoke one language.


There would be fewer problems and misunderstandings if everyone spoke the same language.


Sadly, I do not think that this will ever happen.


P.S. As you know, all pilots in the world are SUPPOSED to speak English while flying in and out of world airports. I have read that there have been some accidents because some pilots' English is not very good.

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