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The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

As Mark Twain said, "The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog."


After spending time on here reading the discussions, the more I agree. I hope I'm not the only one.



Woof, woof !

Not surprising ; each time interesting discussions had started (ie about politics, philosophy or religions, anything worth having debates about), italki staff censored them... Now we're left with useless topics but it doesn't mean italki users are less interesting than dogs. I find this sentence harsh and unfair. If Twain preferred dogs, then why did he keep on writing and SELLING books to humans then ? I don't like this misanthropy, it leads to nothing good (remember WW2).


...why are you still here then?

Maybe Matt was disappointed at some αλεξης's comments ...;)

Its 100% true.. I do agree with you my friend..

Check out this link -


 Forget about WW2. Just watch the above video link. You will come to choose whichone is correct dear. If humans want to eat meat, kill animals without causing pain. Where is humanity? 

Poeple fight eachother for their own needs and benefits. 


Yes Gopi. People make me sick too. I didn't need a stupid forum like this one to realize it though.


"I still believe that most of people are good people"

How's everything in fantasy land?

Matt, I've always found you to have posted some of the most intelligent and interesting discussion comments made here on italki. 

I think most men are usually selfish and inconsiderate of others.  However, I still believe that there are some few men who do mostly care about their friends and family. 

I'm a huge dog lover.  Dogs are usually very fun, playful and loyal companions who are very protective of their caregivers.  As a child, my best friend was a German Shepherd named Max.  He loved to play frisbee and he was an excellent family watchdog.  I also miss my friend Casey who was a standard poodle.  He also was an avid frisbee player, and he was always very eager to have me take him on a walk so he could prance around the neighborhood.  He would always bring me his leash when he wanted to go on a walk.

As a German learner, I agree with Mark Twain's quotes about the "awful" German language.  “I'd rather decline two German beers than one German adjective.” - Mark Twain     


Ayad: Because I'm realistic...You don't have to judge anyone, just open your eyes. People are capable of the worst and they will do it. Of course not everyone's like that, but I still think most people are.

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