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I ran into an individual today and I tried my Hindi. He was rude and told me it was wrong. Further he said that each language in India is in accordance with the religion. He said Hindus speak Hindi, Christians speak English, and Muslims speak Arabic. Turns out, he was from Pakistan and he stated some strong views about his dislike for India. Finally, he said that Urdu is just a form of Hindi in the same sense as Mexican Spanish is another form of Spanish. I'm not sure but he completely confused this poor American trying to learn the language of India. What was even crazier is that he understood some Hindi after all. Can someone comment on this? I've always heard the phrase told to missionaries, "Don't be an ugly American." Is it possible to be an "ugly Pakistani?" In addition to having a distaste for Indians, he also seems to not like Americans very well. But what was interesting is that he was running a business in the U.S. making money off of Americans. Comments?



I think there is a tension between India and Pakistan and some people from muslim country hate americans. it is so sad that there are people who will take political issue personally.

It is absolutely wrong that each language in India is in accordance with the religion. It depends on the region and not religion. Almost all states of India have their local language. Hindi is primarly spoken in north central and north westrn parts of India. There are two christian families living near my house and they speaks really well hindi. I don't know who told you that, but this is not true!!!

From my personal experience, Pakistanis are generally polite, gentle and educated people. It is sad you came accross with one of the "ugly" ones, but not all are the same. He is probably ungrateful since you say he is living off americans. There has always been some sort of tension between Pakistan and India since the partition in 1947, it is like neighbours keeping an eye on each other. You can read more about this anywhere on net, even about the war between them in 1965. He could have been nicer to you, regardless of his nationality. About the language, you can also find on net how the main difference between Urdu and Hindi is the script in which they're written. Also that Urdu borrows heavily from Persian and Arabic whilst Hindi comes from Sanskrit althought the current spoken Hindi is not a pure Hindi, it is mixed with many English words. Urdu is also spoken in some parts of India. When you get more advanced in Hindi, try watching some videos of Pakistani news on Youtube and you will see that it is very similar to Hindi, only Urdu is spoken softly (to my perception). They have different accent as we Mexican have different accent from Spain, that's probably what the guy tried to say because there's no such thing as Mexican Spanish! LOL.. Spanish is the same in Spain, Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Nena, may God bless your mind! Very good comment!

People might misinterpret this, so let me clear one thing at the very beginning of this answer that being a Muslim and being a Pakistani(or Talibani) are two different things. As Gopi and Sirius stated in their earlier posts that language in India depends on region and not religion. Pakistanis hate Indians so they tell made up things to the world about us and they are not restricted to just hindus but muslims as well that are living in India. I have information on first hand basis about this but I wont discuss it here as it is not the place, so keep it solely to the language disucussion. Learning hindi or as matter of fact any language will help you understand better about the culture and people of that country. There are many Indians in the states I hope you find someone to practise with.



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