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Money or Love???

what do you think is more important guys??? Money or love?? and why? 



Money can buy love.  Furthermore, it can buy whatever else you need or would like.  ...  :P


Love can't bring food in the table. Many couples fight because of lack of money and this made their love depreciate.

@Steve H:Money can’t buy love the way people go to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread. But it seems that wealth and higher economic status do help attract romantic relationship.


Money is what helps you get what you need and can help you prosper in more ways than one.  Love cannot last if there's too many financial problems and relationships have ended because of money or the lack their of.  Money is a means a of survival and can offer a lot of benefits that love by itself cannot. 


Love does not come for free :)
Money - it's evil.
As they say in Russia: Do not have a hundred rubles, have a hundred friends *_*

Money might support love and relationships. Realy LOVE never become by money.

MONEY , love come and go .

Both of them are important! Why you want to seperate them?! It's like that old question "Science is better or wealth" ?!

Love,money can buy anything expect love and someone who really care you.

I agree with Steve H, money can buy anything including LOVE

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