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What really bothers me about Italian movies and books translations.

Among the umpteen reasons I started to broaden my knowledge of the English language, there's the fact that Italian television inflicts us with very bad translations, especially when it comes to movies or books titles.

I recently watched a schmaltzy movie entitled "The Lucky One".

In Italian this movie is entitled "I've been looking for your name".

It really bothers me that the two meanings are so different!

Another example: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" here is "Don't Open That Door"


But the translation that made me started to watch movies and tv shows strictly in English happened in CSI Las Vegas.

There was this guy who killed a man with a scalpel and they translated it with "chisel", only because the English word "scalpel" sounds like the Italian word "scalpello" (chisel).


From that very moment everything I watch (and I'm addicted to TV shows) is in English and I can't stand to watch dubbed movies or translated books.

And don't let me start on the Harry Potter Saga! It's full of bad translations!



That's not only with the Italian subtitles.  There are always weird word choices and grammar errors in the international movies I watch from just about any language into English.  I wonder why.  It wouldn't be so difficult to get a few native speaker language nerds to watch the films one time before the film goes public, would it?  

That's exactly my point! Sometimes translated titles are so misleading that you don't watch a movie because the title gives you the wrong idea of its plot. And of course, the thing goes both ways so sometimes you think a movie is good because the title is good but it's not.

I think we all shoud watch movies in their original language with subs.

i aggree with you ,but some times,they speak so fast,and i can not follow,i will see the subtitles unconsciously.






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