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Does anyone want to live like this in the world?

Mr. Gray was an accountant. He lived in Dow City. Iowa, a small town of only 500 people. He was unhappy with his life because, every day, he did exactly the same things: he got up at 6am, works from 7am to 5pm, and returned home and watched television until he went to bed at 9 or, sometimes, 10pm. At weekends, when the weather was good, he spent most of Saturday and Sunday working in the small garden in his backyard. The garden looked out on a big, empty stretch of cornfields that extended to the horizon. Sometimes, Mr. Gray stopped his work in the garden and gazed off into the distance with a dreamy look on his face for a few minutes; then, he got back to work. When the weather was bad - in winter, for example- Mr. Gray stayed inside and stared out across the snow-covered cornfields that were white as far as the eye could see.

"Did he have any friends?" you might ask. No, he did not. "Where was his family, then?" He had no family. "Didnt he ever do anything different or unexpected?" Strange that you should asked that ....

One day in January, Mr. Gray was in his armchair. He stood up, walked to the window, and looked out over the empty, snow-covered fields. Suddenly, he felt terribly depressed and alone, so he went outside. He was dressed only in his pajamas and slippers, but he didn't change his clothes because he didn't think that it was at all necessary. He steps into the fresh white snow and heard a soft crunching sound. Suddenly, he became strangely happy and thought he was a child again, so he ran across the fields happily. While running, he waved his arms and shouted and yelled like a child. He ran off into the distance, towards the horizon.

The next morning, one of the farmers found Mr. Gray frozen to death beneath a tree on his fields, many miles away from Mr. Gray's house. There was a smile on his icy lips.




This is more or less the kind of life that most Westerners in developed countries live, minus the family and friendly ties of course. If you take away the relatives and friends from their lives, there is no difference. Sad but true. 

some time i want to live a quiet place,but not all the time,i think i will be crazy if i like that every i live in a very bustling city,maybe it more suit me.

When any person gets older they often think about what their life is about. And, I suggest the only right choice is to help to deseased or poor people in this case. About 1 billion people in this world have no everyday' water and no food, his life wasn't so bad as he guessed.

At least many of us have freedom of choice  either to stay imprisoned in our everyday life and in our dogmatic mind or to run away searching for new experiences and knowledge. 

He felt loneliness which is the most frustrating feeling in a world full of other lonely people. It sounds weird but wasn't it him who chose this way of life? Why doesn't he have family or people he cares about?

Perhaps it's our egoism which makes many of us lonely, it's our laziness making us unable to change our lifestyle, it's our fear of public opinion which limits us in our personal development.

Everytime I start feeling like this I say to myself "Hey ! You  are still healthy and active. You can see and you can hear. You can do something useful. You can care about someone and they need you.  You can be happy in this world where some people have no chance to do what they like"


i wish  i was his neighbour, i would like to invite him to my house in the warmness of my family. Poor him :(

:))) you are lucky


I don't want to live like him because I could only live my life in my own way. 

Considering he was happy at the end, his life wasn't that bad, I think. 

What is this? An essay by a 10 year old?

this is a text to learn past tense verbs. My teacher gave it to me in my english course. I changed it's verbs to past simple tense than present simple tense.

Then why are you trying to fool people into discussing the essense of the text rather than the tenses?

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