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meetings with different people


What do you think about meetings with different people in our life? Is it important or not? Why do you think so?



it is  nice, life is more better with all color :)

sure it is important cause we have to know the other cultures and to share our experience

Interview different people important to know the new handy if we do and if it is harmful to move away with him different culture learn

In my opinion it is very important to know how to interact with people in order to work as a better society.

I really love to know people from other places, languges or cultures because I feel like I expand my view on life, I learn and I have fun. But also, I became a very respectful person with the ideas or beliefs of other people even I don't like or share them. So you can improve or grow as a human being with those kind of interactions.

i think it depends on what kind of people !

It is very important! It is a meaning of our life. We all should grow side by side. Student by teacher. Child by mother. Husband by wife. Believer by God. etc. to educate each other to be more honest, moral, happier, satisfied...

hi alla, in my opinion. yes, it is very important. meeting people is always exciting, because you can learn from them. you will be surprised on how much you dont know about life. all the people that you meet will leave something in you, it might be an information, a future friendship, an impression. meeting people is actually one good tool for a person to learn. plus it is always interesting to know something about a person and you wont know,that person might be your future bestfriend. :) 

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