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Best way to learn German before going there?

I am using Rosetta Stone, 

I will be taking German in University

I watch films in German sometimes


I know the best way to learn is to immerse yourself, but how can you learn German almost fluently before you get to Germany? 



Well "fluent" before you get there would be several years. So far I tried Rosette Stone and didn't like it much. I am having the best luck with and 

 I also listen to podcasts from while driving and sometimes practice with Anki. I also just signed up for a month of as its really easy for beginners to watch videos. Good luck, let me know if you need more detail on decks and lessons on etc. Just Message me.

Brilliant, I love memrise!

Thanks :)

Woops, I noticed I misspelled :). Oh also I downloaded the app called Tunein Radio and listen to radio stations in Germany. Mostly talk radio or sports talk otherwise it's American music with little german speaking between songs.

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