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Would you sleep in a "bedroom" built by partitioning a living room, but without a door or lock?

Intenational students usually rent room for accomodation. Rent is very high in Sydney, around 240 dollars per week for a single bedroom. So a lot choose to rent a partitioned living room as a bedroom, which is around 150 dollars per week. What do you think of it?


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  • Posted by Yu Jul 25, 2013  


For security reasons, nope. :( Those people are total strangers and you don't know who among them got tendencies to rob or harm you. However, if you really are in a tight-budget and got no other options, make sure you know everyone and stay vigilant. ;)

You are quite right. We should be vigilant in case bad things happen to us. Also, it is often noisy to live in such a partitioned room, as there are no actual walls.

Is such a "bedroom" common elsewhere? I'm just curious whether it is just the case in Sydney.

Because rooms and condominiums can be pricey, there's this thing called "bedspacing" here in Manila especially along the university belt. It's usually a big room filled with bunk beds with no partition at all. Some do have air-conditioning and wi-fi, while others don't. Theft is inevitable, however to avoid any lascivious act, they observe single-sex policy; and they often have curfews. If the building is governed by priests or nuns, expect stricter rules. I've read similar housing condition in other places like Singapore and UAE so I'm assuming it's common in crowded cities around the globe. If you were to ask me, I wish Japanese capsule rooms is one of the options.



Green, you just reminded me of the accomodation back in China, and especially the accomodation for students in boarding school. Mostly, a single room is furnished with 2 to 4 bunk beds (for 4 to 8 students). And we also have curfews. The capsule holel seems really interesting. I guess I will try just for fun in the future :D

the phenomenon is common in China.In my opinion,there are two is that rent is so expensive,many migrant workers can't offer it.To some extent,they rent a bed just to have a place to sleep.The other is some people in favor of Poor tour.It's mean travle a lot of resorts at least price.

Of course I would!

Dora, you are quite right! There are a lot even worse situations in China. Like the "Ants' nest", a type of awful accomadation, just like the home of ants. 

@Yu What's an "Ant's nest"? And how awful is it? Can't find it on google. :(

Green, just forget about this term, as it may not be so popular around. You just imagine a house (200 squre meters) is partitioned into 19 rooms and accomodate 30 people in all. 

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