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Traditional of Turkish music

sound from Ney,, is so cool..  I'll playing ney from Turkish and playing with a little contemporary 



do you know how to play it? :))

Yes,, I must deepen ney for my job :)

woow i can play only 1 thing with ney :D i wanna start  my ney course again..ney is great really..:)

waw, you follow ney course? how that's? :)
i learning ney just alone it's so difficult, and to get a ney in Indonesia is very difficult. I sometimes try to imitate ney, but sound will not be perfect with the original ney :)
do you like music? 

i used to go to ney course but then i left it because i had no time and then i didn't go anymore.but i wanna start again. you can find great neys in Turkey ;) even my music teacher in school makes ney. my ney is made by my teacher :))  yes i like all good musics :)

@leyla : hmmm, good for you.. :)

@Cieolo Rojo : it's very good , i like Omer faruq tekbilek :)

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