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why people in West have different colror hair?

why people in west have different color hair? some one is black and someone is yellow. if we can distinguish their countries from the appearance?



Although,I don't know answer, but I consider the question is so good

I think the hair color depends on their blood relationship. We can't tell where they from just from hair color.


It's just random genetics. You cannot tell what country a person is from by their hair colour. Some countries will of course tend to have different ratios of hair colours (for example, the UK has the highest proportion of red-heads), but hair colour is determined by their genetics.


My parents and grandparents all have dark brown hair, like I do. Yet one of my sisters has blonde/yellow hair and my other sister has black hair. There is nothing unusual about this - it happens all the time. All it means is that some of of our ancestors had blonde and black hair.


More often than not hair colour is in between that of the parents, but it can change to extreme blonde or black if the genes are there.



professional answer, thanks Jmat.


>Own Zhang< One thing I just want to add. Not only the westerns have blond hair. Many people in the Arab world are blond, by the way, including Egypt.

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@Ahmed: I never knew that. I've always thought that Arabs with blonde hair dyed it that colour.

>jmat< We also have natural green eyed people. By the way, it's not that you didn't know that, it's you didn't notice that.

I like turning my hair blue or purple.  It is fun.

the hairs, like the skin is a result from an adaptation of an environment.
Frizzy and black to not let the sun burning your head.
Whereas cool climate accept more thin hair, with light colours.

I think most of the redheads in the UK are found in Ireland. Also, here (USA), because of Irish immigration.

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