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Do you think which kind of inequalities exist around you or in this world?

I'm reading a book these days,it make me start to concern about the topic about inequality in this world,some inequalities are concerned by people,however,another inequalities still can't be aware of.

Write down the inequalities you have concerned,and what do you think of this inequalities?how to solve this problems?

Thank for your answering!




Inequalities are everywhere in the US.  Since most of the government officials are under the influence of big corporations, inequality is the name of the game here.

a minimum wage that no one could ever live off of

more businesses hiring "independent contractors" so they don't have pay good wages, insurance, benefits, etc.

corporate abuse of the environment that destroys large areas of public land and waterways

a industrial food system that leaves the majority of Americans only able to buy food with little or no nutritional value

a for-profit medical care system that determines its own pricing schedule and makes the US spend more on health care than other countries and still have some of the most unhealthy citizens in the world

an educational system that allows some schools to have some of the top resources in the world (labs, technology, etc) while nearby other schools have leaky ceilings and bathrooms that don't work properly

This is inequality within the US and doesn't even hint at the equality caused by the US policies in other countries.


The only answer will be another revolution.  But that won't happen any time soon as most of the young people have their faces glued to their smart phones and see nothing wrong with their country.

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