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waht do you think about programmers

many people do not like programmers.maybe they think many programmers do not good at expression,and they are overworking every day, i am a girl programmer,i also study every day,many times i will overwork,but i am good at communicate with ohters,what do you think about programmers,how about the programmers in your Country?thank you for your share.



programmer is a very good job, they can do complex work but they made our life simple. good programmer is a artist. now I am studying PHP, it is very funny.

but others do not understand our funny,i think you will became a great programmer

I've been a computer science student since 2004. But I'm not really into programming and I'm not good at it. Recently, I've been thinking about other options after graduation. By the way, I'm also a female. So I'm curious: do you like your job?

An employer once told me not to let anyone know that I loved programming.  I was told to stay a systems engineer or perhaps divulge that I enjoyed configuring networks.  It became difficult to hide when I started teaching Java at a local community college.

we are easy to find a job,and we can earn more money(compare with some jobs),but we must overwork for some project,what's more,we also will study all the time,i feel good about my job.but some times i feel can choose what you like.@ yu

Being programmer is a cool thing. Well if you are too busy with your work you will lose your social life and just spend the whole time with your computer.. Sometimes I forgot to take a bath and I forgot what day is today. 

yes,i almost  have no social life,and i do not have enough time to get together with my friends,when i feel tired,i ofen do some exercise,however,when i was in the Philippines,i have many friends there,and we were ofen go outside to drink,swim and so on,i miss them very much,i think i feel more happy there.

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