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Can you recommend some of your favorite German singers/bands, please.


Can you recommend some of your favorite German singers/bands, please.




These are my fav groups in german, I've used many of them to help me learn german, I have given you the links to the you tube vids of some songs, so you can check them. Let me know if you like them :)


Silbermond - Ja LINK:

Xavier Naidoo -Alles kann besser werden LINK:

Nena - In Meinem Leben LINK:

Rosenstolz - ich bin ich LINK:

Klee - Für Alle, die LINK

Udo Lindenberg - Horizont LINK:

Julian Le Play (Austria)

Favourite song: Mr. Spielberg -


Christina Stürmer (Austria)

Favourite song: Mama (Ana Ahabak) -


Max Giesinger (Germany)

Favourite song: Dach der Welt -


Michael Schulte (Germany)

Favourite song: Ohne Dich -


Tim Bendzko (Germany)

Favourite song: Nur noch kurz die Welt retten -


KRIS feat. Dante Thomas (Germany)

Favourite song: Diese Tage -




Cro (Germany)
Favourite song: Einmal um die Welt -


Clueso (Germany)
Favourite song: Gewinner -


Sido (Germany)
Favourite song: Bilder im Kopf -


Marteria, Yasha & Miss Platnum (Germany)
Favourite song: Lila Wolken -


Philipp Poisel (Germany)
Favourite song: Für keine Kohle dieser Welt -


Silbermond (Germany)
Favourite song: Krieger des Lichts -


Xavier Naidoo (Germany)
Favourite song: Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen -


... This list could be continued for a while, but I guess it provides at least some insight into German popular music. Enjoy!

Ich mag ''Vergiss Mich'' von Luttenberger Klug, es ist einfach toll ! und lyrics sind auch klar :D


Clueso, surelly.... Why does everybody like Gewinner so much?


Barfuß -



Zu Schnell Vorbei -




I'm new to German, CLueso is the only singer I really listen to... There Phillip Poisel, Pohlmann, Anna Depenbusch.



Benjamin -


Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen -


An Mina -

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