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I love music


A quick lesson in English focusing on music vocabulary




I love music!

Music is a beautiful creation which comes in many forms and we are so lucky that we now have such easy access to it by simply turning or pushing a knob or button and tuning into what ever we like on our radios, televisions and computers. Today we have such a wonderful selection to choose from, whether your preference is jazz, blues, classical, rock, country and western, pop and many many more....

Music can be the very essence of our feelings, it can take us back to a pleasant memory in an instant, it can reduce stress, it can relax us, it can make us happy and even emotional.

Musicians give us so much with their expressive talents, again there is a fantastic array of different instruments, in an orchestra for example you can find violins, harps, guitars, flutes, clarinets, trumpets,  pianos, drums and percussion and most importantly a conductor who conducts an orchestra into perfect precision.





Of course, not to forget the great composers of the past and of today, the writers of songs and the singers, the beautiful voices of sopranos or the male tenor that you hear in an opera, the choir boys in a church, the sound of the Welsh, male voice choir and the rhythm of the gospel singers.


Types of music

  • classical jazz, blues, classical, opera, rock, country and western, pop,
  • opera
  • jazz
  • blues
  • rock
  • country and western
  • pop

Musical instruments

  • violins                    
  • harps,
  • guitars
  • flutes
  • clarinets
  • trumpets 
  • pianos
  • drums percussion

Other musical words

  • conductor  --someone who controls and instructs a musician in an orchestra
  • Orchestra  -- a selection of string, wind and other instruments.
  • composers - writers and creators of classical music
  • song writers-a person who writes songs with music
  • lyricists  ----a person who specializes in the writing of lyrics for songs
  • singers-----  people who sing songs
  • voices  ----- the sound of singers
  • soprano-----operatic female singer (high notes)
  • tenor -------operatic male singer (low and deep)
  • choir -------a group of singers, singing in harmony
  • gospel ----- religious and vibrant singing
  • note--------a single sound of music
  • harmony---people singing together as one
  • rhythm-----the beat of the music.




i like rock very much, but now more and more young people forget rock music.

I like listening R&B music and some pop songs. I'm also into music played by piano. And I try to play simple and beautiful music on piano keyboard.


It's a shame that some music trends seem to get forgotten, however every now and again different music goes through a revival which brings it all back and allows it to live on for a bit longer:)


The piano is beautiful, I love to hear different types of music performed on this very special instrument.


hahaaha:D :D

Everything is possible in music - you have a great sense of humour Bruce,

Best wishes, :D

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